Online Business – Where Do I Start?

Online Business – Where Do I Start?

 Starting an Online Business is a Great Idea,

Go for it!If you know where to start!!  It’s been about 7 years since we decided on setting up an online business.  That should be easy!!!…..but where do I start?  How hard can it be?…..just  find some items to sell…. put them up on the internet and off you go.  Money comes rolling in….errr No.   You just wouldn’t believe the time, effort, frustration and money that has gone into setting up our successful, Internet Marketing Business.

I’d been made redundant at the time and it seemed a good idea to teach myself.  I looked at other websites, YouTube video’s on “How to”, read lots of books, talked to other people and received a lot of information from other successful online business. 

After getting what I thought was all the knowledge and information I needed, I set up my first website.  It looked great!! Well it looked OK!

After doing my market research about different products, the time of year and what was popular, off I went.  Rubbing my hands and waiting for the money to come rolling in…….err No.  So what am I doing wrong?

I started receiving information from different online Marketing companies and how to set-up a successful online business….. I went to a 2 day seminar in London.  I live in the North of England, so I had to travel down there and find accommodation.  It wasn’t cheap either!! 

It was great……there was about eight different speakers from difference parts of the world who had made a success of their online business and wanted to share their knowledge and experience. We were given lots of information…….ahhhh, (I had a light bulb moment) that’s where I’m going wrong!!  I’ll be making money in no time…..easy.  The excitement of money rolling in over the next couple of weeks was great.  

Went back home but there were bits of information missing…….I couldn’t quite understand why things weren’t going as planned.  Back to the drawing board.  At the seminar, there was one particular guy (speaker) that stood out.  He was an ordinary guy like me and made redundant like me, but he had made a fortune, unlike me.  

A genuine sort of guy that I could relate to…….he had set up his own online marketing training school down south.  I liked this guy so I booked to attend his 2 day workshop.  One of the things that appealed to me was that you got individual attention and be given step by step guidance on how to set things up. Everyone was asked to take their laptops. So off I went…….It wasn’t quite as I had expected but I still came away with what I thought I needed to make money……..err No.  

The thing I found with this was that the seminars and training days that I went on, took my money but didn’t provide all the information that you needed. I found this quite frustrating really because once you had been on the training day, there was no follow up or support and I felt overwhelmed by the amount of information.  I was constantly sent e-mails to go on more courses or to buy other products that I feel I should have received initially.

This was a very frustrating and difficult time, but I eventually made it feeling a lot of the relevant information wasn’t provided. 

Having a successful online marketing business means that I have the opportunity to help others to succeed help them to avoid making the same mistakes. 

So if you’re thinking “I want to set up my Online Business….. but where do I start, maybe I can help.

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