New Year, New Start, New Business!

New Year, New Start, New Business!

Happy New YearSo the festivities are well and truly over, the decorations and the tree have been put away for another year.

 The celebrations are a rapidly fading memory and the only thing to show for it is an extra inch or two on your waistline!

 The start of year is usually the time for New Year resolutions, get fit, lose weight, learn to dance etc. It’s also the time when a lot of people think about other lifestyle and career changes, find a new job or start a business of your own.

Time To Take Action!Go for it!


Let’s face it, you have had some time off work and maybe you have been thinking that your current job doesn’t give you the lifestyle or the job satisfaction that you would like. Or perhaps you would just like to “sack” the boss and become master or mistress of your own destiny.

 If any of this strikes a chord with you, then it’s time to take action and change your circumstances. That’s what I did nearly ten years ago and quite honestly, it was the best thing that I’ve ever done.

 Of course there have been up and downs and some setbacks along the way, but I don’t regret the decision one bit.

 A few years ago, I went to a two day training workshop. The guy who was running the sessions said something which surprised me. He said that while it was good to see so many people there, the fact was that only about ten percent of those attending were likely to take action and start their own business, even though the workshops were quite expensive.

 It’s a sad fact that whilst lots of people have thoughts of starting their own business, only a small percentage actually take the action necessary to get it off it off the ground. And of those who do start a business only about half will still be around in five years.

Be A Winner In 2015Be A Winner


That’s why when you do decide to take action and start that business that you have been thinking and dreaming about for so long, make sure that get the right help and support needed to ensure that you are one of the winners.


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