Believe In Your Dreams And Don’t Let Anything Get In Your Way


Believe In Your Dreams And Don’t Let Anything Get In Your Way

We all have dreams, a new Ferrari, luxury holidays in the Seychelles, to retire early, or to have more time to spend with loved ones. Sometimes though we are too busy trying to make a living and dreams never get a chance to come true.

A few weeks ago my wife and I watched a film called Saving Mr. Banks. I don’t know whether you have seen it. It starred Tom Hanks as Walt Disney and Emma Thomson as P L Travers, the author of the book Mary Poppins.

The story is a biographical comedy drama about Walt Disney’s attempt to buy the screen rights to the book.

The P L Travers character is depicted as a “straight-laced” English woman who is reluctantly persuaded to visit the Disney studios in California to discuss the making of her book into a movie. When she arrives, there is a huge culture clash between the formal world that she is used to and more relaxed world of the Disney studios where everyone is referred to by their first names.

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